Live Clean (Baby) Arrives in the US with Major Push from Orsi PR

Orsi Public Relations is proud to announce the arrival of a brand new client – Live Clean (Baby), the Canadian brand of eco-friendly personal care products that has raised the bar and led the way for millions of Canadians, is now available in the US.

Our offices are currently filled with the fresh, clean scent of baby shampoos, lotions and soaps. Editors, expect a special delivery of an adorable bucket brimming with these products which are committed to contributing to a greener planet while at the same time, performing at the highest level. This simple, environmentally aware collection of products is specially formulated with both mother’s concerns and baby’s sensitivities in mind.  Value priced at $7.99, Live Clean (Baby) is available exclusively at Walgreens, the nation’s largest drugstore chain with more than 8,000 stores across the country as well as online at

You’ll be sure to learn more about these green products in the pages of your favorite magazine in the next few weeks as editors, bloggers and reporters get a chance to try them out.

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