Orsi PR Showcases Tommy Bahama Bike on the Today Show

Kathie Lee and Hoda from the Today Show are in Seattle, the home of Tommy Bahama, so Orsi PR had to bring them one of Tommy Bahama’s amazing product offerings. And the ladies went crazy for the ever popular Tommy Bahama electric bike. The vibrant orange cruiser rolled onto set, ridden by one of the actors from the play Kathie Lee is producing and was on air for several minutes showcasing the deluxe details, such as the custom leather padded handgrips and adjustable contour leather padded seat. The hunky actor also took advantage of the bell, ding ding!

The Tommy Bahama bike embodies the whole mission of the brand –  to make life one long weekend – therefore it can be peddled like a traditional cruiser – but should you want to simply cruise you can switch to the lightweight 36 volt lithium battery with the simple flick of the switch and twist of the throttle and the motor can propel you up to 20 mph with approximately 40 miles per charge. The Tommy Bahama electric bike offers exercise and recreation that is both fun and environmentally friendly.

Already featured in the Wall Street Journal, Marie Claire and Extra TV to name a few, the Tommy Bahama electric bike continues to make headlines!

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