Raskullz finds famous fans

Kingston Rossdale - Raskullz‘s Mohawk Helmet

We LOVE Raskullz helmets! And our passion and excitement for these radical products has resulted in some stellar editorial coverage. Raskullz helmets and bikes are being spotted nationwide at local parks, on sidewalks and have even found their way onto the heads of the most famous of the kindergarten set. Celeb kids are rockin Raskullz wherever they ride.

What kid wouldn’t want to sport a red spiky Mohawk like Kingston Rossdale did, and what mom wouldn’t feel secure knowing their kid is pumped to wear their helmet, like his famous mom Gwen Stefani.

Celeb kids from the Rossdale boys, to Madonna’s daughter and Tori Spelling’s little girl are all loving the fun, whimsical and radical styles that Raskullz helmets offer.

Raskullz helmets feature 3-D elements made of a soft, patented rubber-based material which turns a traditionally staid piece of safety equipment into something that’s actually fun to wear. At only $24.99 and available at Target, Wal-Mart and Toys R Us, parents everywhere can find the perfect style for their little rockers & mini princesses!

Some of the most famous boys here at Orsi PR on the Shark Attax bikes with matching helmets

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