Hello Kitty is all about the Hanky Panky

One of our favorite things about one of our marquee clients, Sanrio, is that many of us grew up loving Hello Kitty. Now we get to embrace the more mature, sexy side of the brand with a hot new collaboration with intimate apparel company Hanky Panky.

The Hanky Panky for Hello Kitty collection blends the two popular brands with an exclusive mix of eye-catching Hello Kitty graphics and highly coveted Hanky Panky intimate apparel. With its signature stretch lace styles embellished with Hello Kitty, the collection will unite the sweetness of Hello Kitty and sexiness of Hanky Panky to appeal to each brand’s dedicated fan base.

We are not the only ones who have embraced this new collection…editors are just as excited as we are and the internet is abuzz. The story has already ran in Women’s Wear Daily and on dozens of blogs and websites including InStyle.com and msn.com, and the collection was just released this week!

The Hanky Panky for Hello Kitty collection will retail from $27 to $98 and will be available at www.hankypanky.com, www.sanrio.com, select Sanrio boutiques, better department and specialty stores.

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