Celebrate Earth Day with Live Clean (baby)

Earth Day is still a few weeks away, but here at Orsi PR we are already talking up the benefits of going green with Live Clean (baby). On April 22nd people worldwide will be taking steps to better mother earth. And new moms can take baby steps to think green with the help of Live Clean (baby).

Mommy bloggers are already including Live Clean (baby) in their Earth Day coverage, including Modern Day Moms, Between the Kids, Diary of a Stay at Home Mom, Mommy’s Memorandum and many more!

The collection of eco-friendly baby bath products is made with the safest ingredients to keep baby’s sensitive skin soft, smooth and clean, while also “going green”.  The containers are also recyclable, made from “virgin” materials making them far easier to recycle than most plastics.

The Live Clean (Baby) collection includes:

–          Tearless Shampoo & Wash

–          Moisturizing Baby Bath

–          Moisturizing Baby Lotion

–          Non-Petroleum Jelly

–          Diaper Ointment

–          Moisturizing Bar Soap


Each item of the eco-friendly collection can be found at Walgreens and Walgreens.com for only $7.99.

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