Live Clean (Baby) Gifts New Moms on National Show

275 new moms-to-be were lucky enough to be in the audience of CBS The Talk for their once a year April Showers baby shower extravaganza. Orsi Public Relations was able to secure a giveaway spot for Live Clean (Baby) so each one of those pregnant ladies left the show with a box chock full of the eco-friendly baby bath products and an adorable inflatable ducky tub. This giveaway was a major undertaking for Orsi with team members spending weeks sorting product and packaging all 275 boxes for delivery – and what a payoff!

Orsi team members Cinthya and Racine with the pallets ready for delivery to the CBS studios

This phenomenal national coverage is sure to have moms around the country clamoring for Live Clean (Baby)! The collection of eco-friendly baby bath products is made with the safest ingredients to keep baby’s sensitive skin soft, smooth and clean, while also “going green.”

The Live Clean (Baby) collection includes:

–          Tearless Shampoo & Wash

–          Moisturizing Baby Bath

–          Moisturizing Baby Lotion

–          Non-Petroleum Jelly

–          Diaper Ointment

–          Moisturizing Bar Soap

Each item of the eco-friendly collection can be found at Walgreens and for only $7.99.


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