Orsi PR and Live Clean Baby Blog Hopping Our Way to More Placements

The importance of social media in our world and in our profession is growing daily. We at Orsi Public Relations make it a priority to stay on the cutting edge of trends and utilize all the tools available to us. A perfect example of this would be the “blog hop” we just did for our client Live Clean Baby.

For those of you not up on the lingo, a blog hop is a list of blogs or specific posts related to a similar topic. A blog “host” lists a Linky (list of links to other blogs or posts) on their page, along with the Blog Hop rules. There are 2 parts to a blog hop: 1) Each participant adds their info to the Linky so others can see it. 2) Each participant re-posts the Linky on their blog to promote the blog hop.

We worked with one of our favorite mommy bloggers who posted Live Clean Baby on her site – from that one post we set up we were able to reach out to 40 other prominent mommy bloggers resulting in more than 25 sample requests in just one week.

And in case you were wondering the image we used – we took with Instagram.

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