Orsi Welcomes the Political Poopers!

It’s always exciting when we welcome a new client into the mix, especially when they are so current, fun loving and full of poop.

We are proud to announce our newest client Political Poopers! The plastic wind-up toys of grinning Republican Candidate Mitt Romney and Presidential Incumbent Barack Obama come with red, white and blue candy treats that they poop out as they walk. Political Poopers are the must-have collector’s item for the 2012 presidential race to the White House (or the Outhouse)!

We don’t know yet who’ll be number one, but for now we’re more concerned about number two.  Pop open a secret hatch on the back of their head, fill with candy, wind them up and watch them GO! Hold your own “poop”ulartiy race by pitting the candidates against each other.

We’ve just packed up a bunch of Political Poopers and sent to producers, editors and reporters so these little guys will soon be hitting the airwaves, showcased in blogs and highlighted in print.

Political Poopers will be available nationwide at gift and specialty retailers. Log on to www.politicalpoopers.com for a complete list of stores. Whether you’re rooting for the Republican or Democratic Party – just remember – every Party needs a Pooper!

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