Sanrio Ultra-cool Décor Collaboration

Kim Residence

Sanrio is celebrated for its many clever collaborations and the newest pairs Hello Kitty with Blik, the innovative maker of self-adhesive surface graphics. We are talking chalkboards, white boards and more that you stick on your wall for endless fun.The Avenue

The collection boasts a wide-range of products from the traditional to the artistic. The “Hide & Seek” set can interact with the furniture and objects in your space. Fashionistas of all ages will love playing with the “Faces”; singular elements of the friendly Hello Kitty are broken down giving you the ability (and creativity) to place her iconic red bow or whiskers around different objects. There are even pattern wall tiles in four striking patterns, so you canSelby Home create an accent over a bed, or frame a small section of a wall. They are completely customizable and can be cut, crafted, and arranged in a number of ways.
Editors and bloggers alike are loving the fun of Blik and Sanrio, Orsi PR has already placed product in newspapers, blogs and Lucky Magazine.
The Hello Kitty x Blik collection is available now at and

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