Orsi PR Helps Launch Brand New Hello Kitty x Chan Luu Collection

Hello Kitty x Chan Luu Stacked Braclets - CroppedHere at Orsi PR, we love to be the ones to break the news of the latest collaborations and product launches – and this month we were especially excited to introduce the brand new Hello Kitty x Chan Luu collection to the media!

Sanrio, a client that keeps us busy with their ever-growing lineup of news-worthy collabs and launches, has partnered with the renowned jewelry designer Chan Luu, who is recognized for her popular handmade jewelry, for an exclusive collection of original jewelry styles adorned with the pop icon. As soon as we got our hands on details and images of the supercute collection, we wrote a press release, developed a curated media list of top business & trade publications, as well as national fashion magazines, and pitched away.

We’re not the only fans of this unique collection, which features Chan Luu’s signature wrap bracelets, cuffs and layering necklaces with select pieces accented by Swarovski crystals, fine lace, semi-precious stones and sterling silver Hello Kitty charms. The editors from California Apparel News, Accessories Magazine, and License! Global were also eager to share the news with their readers.

The collection hits retail in August this year – so the editorial coverage is just getting started.

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