My Internship at Orsi Public Relations…

10543106_10203587477061876_2107573886_nBy McKen-Z Turnyr

Interning this summer has been an incredible opportunity and learning experience. Orsi Public Relations has taught me so much in a short period of time. Throughout my internship, I’ve learned how to write press releases, post calendar listings, track stories research reporters and opportunities, as well as how to create client reports.

Every day we started with a morning staff meeting where everyone would list what they were going to do that day. It was a great way to keep each other up to date on the projects and activities for everyone .

I worked with Racine the most and she was great at explaining how each report was put together and sent out. Occasionally I was asked to help write some releases with Greg. It made me nervous, but I knew it was important to learn how to write for a client with a specific voice. I had written releases for classes, but it was exciting for me to be given so much responsibility. On top of that, Orsi gave me an unbelievable amount of creative freedom. Dyann asked to make Hello Kitty mailers on Photoshop. This project was probably one of my favorites because we were sending it out to one of my favorite magazine editors, Eva Chen from Lucky Magazine.

Overall I think this internship was a great balance allowing me to see various aspects of public relations. I know I will be able to apply what I learned at Orsi Public Relations to my next job.

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