Don’t Fear the Wine List

Navigating a wine list is not something that needs to be overly complicated or pressure filled. Choosing a wine from a wine list is an opportunity to enjoy and explore. Our client, John Terlato, Vice Chairman of Terlato Wines offered 5 tips on FOX NEWS AT NOON in Chicago on how to manage the winelist, engage the sommelier and choose wines for you and your guests that fit your needs, and complements your meal. Study up on these tips from John Terlato and look like an expert!

John Terlato - Blog Image

Five Tips:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the menu and then the wine list: Take your time – don’t let anyone pressure you. It’s your dinner and you get to make the choices.
  2. Assess your guests:  Ask your dinner partners what kind of dishes they might be thinking about ordering – this may affect the wine(s) you choose.
  3. Engage the sommelier:  No one knows the wine list better and he/she is there to help you. Ask for his or her thoughts – not recommendations –  that leaves the final decision making in your hands.
  4. Have a price point in mind: Indicate by pointing to a wine/price on the list to indicate to the sommelier where you might want to land.
  5. Communication is key: Learn what preferences your guests have and don’t be afraid to share your thoughts with the sommelier if something doesn’t suit your taste.
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