My Internship at Orsi Public Relations……

by Natalie Engler

Interning at Orsi Public Relations has been an incredible learning experience and I am so glad that I was given the opportunity to begin an internship here at the end of last summer after studying abroad and then continue that internship during my winter break when I returned home from school. As a current sophomore at the University of Oregon, pursuing a degree in Public Relations and minoring in Business Administration, it’s not often that someone my age and so early on in her undergraduate studies gets the chance to have real hands-on experience working in the PR industry.

Before starting at Orsi, aside from some of the communication/PR-related activities I’d been involved in, I had only taken one introductory public relations course that had given me a basic understanding of what working in the PR world entailed. Interning here has helped me take what I learned and apply that to real life work, while also learning so much more. I was able to work with amazing, well-known clients such as Tommy Bahama and Sanrio and even got to write a calendar listing blurb for a Tommy Bahama event in Huntington Beach that was then shared to different media outlets. I learned how to post calendar listings, track and research media coverage, use Photoshop software to create editorial clippings, and put together client reports. I also got to assist in writing a press release which I had only done once before in school.

Overall I think this internship was a great opportunity and learning experience that has given me valuable public relations skills. I know that what I’ve learned and experienced at Orsi PR will assist and guide me in a future PR career.


Orsi PR is looking for new spring interns!

email your resume to


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